Exciting news for all USA residents!!!

Well, if you are not planning on purchasing anything from me, then I guess this news isn’t that exciting for you… But, on the other hand, if you are living anywhere in the states outside of Colorado and you want to purchase something from me without paying massive shipping fees, then this is your lucky day. Why? Well, just yesterday I managed to arrange 100% free shipping service across the entirety of USA. In other words, if you are living in Florida, I got you covered… If you are living in Pennsylvania, I got you covered… If you are living in Mexico, I got you… Just kidding, Mexicans will still pay shipping fees, unless our beloved president Mr. Trump does something about that. So anyway, as I was saying, starting next month all of you Americans out there will have free shipping on all designs, decals and whatnot bought from my website. Keep in mind that, due to this new addition, I will have to up the prices a bit. Still, do not worry that much about the prices since they will go approximately 5-10% up. It’s only to cover my shipping fee agreement. Perhaps I will even get them back to the old numbers once this pays off. Until then, I am sorry, but that’s how the world spins. Still, don’t forget that you’re getting free shipping on the items so, even though they will be 10% more expensive, you will still be paying a couple of cents less than before… and that’s a good thing! You can consider this as a New Year’s gift from your good old pal Rick. In addition to that, I am also adding a new design service, but we’ll discuss more about that in a separate news article.

That would be it for today guys! All the best, Rick!